5 Dog Health and Care Tips – Summer Care For Your Dog

December 25, 2016

Summer is here. Being a responsible dog owner, you must have heat proof surrounding for your 4 legged friends? If not, here are some tips to get you started.

Dog Health And Care

Water – lots of water. Water is the most essential part to keeping your dog cool during summer. Make sure you provide lots of water for your dog. If possible, give them 2 big buckets of water just in case they tip over one of them. Your dog will love you even more if you provide them with buckets full of ice instead of water. During a hot day, the water will get warm petty quickly – but if you give them a bucket of ice, it will remain cold for many hours. But ensure you place the water in a shaded area!
Sunblock – Especially if you have a white dog or dogs with pale patches on them. They tend to get sunburned very easily. So keep them in a shaded area throughout the day and rub them over with water-proof sunblock.
Insect repellent – During summer, flies, fleas and mosquitoes increase their activity – so it is very easy for your dog to catch any infection from them. Rub your dog with citronella oil for flies, and make sure fleas and heart-worm treatment are up to date.
Hair off – If you have a hairy dog, consider clipping their hair during summer time. It will reduce a whole lot of burden on them, and also reduce the chance of heat stress. Some dog owner worry about clipping their dog’s hair, but just like a sheep, they will grow back before the winter comes.
Keep your dog in a full shaded area – If you are living in a high temperature, high humidity area, it is essential that there is a cool calming place with full shade available for your dog. Especially if you have a matured dog or very young puppy, they tend to suffer heat stress during hot conditions more than an adult dog. Insulated kennels are ideal but make sure you put it in an area that has total shade during summer. If possible, keep the dog bed well off the ground so the ventilation could fly through properly – and a few freezer blocks under the bed to reduce the heat stress.

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